Hesamniroo Company act in to fields of designing and industrial trajects as follows :  
Recreative projects :  
Constructing  monorail  apparatus in number of 14 for the  first time in Iran .
Constructing paratower apparatus in number of 3 for the first time in Iran located in K oohestan Park , Koohsangy , Tehran ; Eram.
Constructing   gairosowing  apparatus   for the  first time in Iran  located  in Mashhad  ; Mellat Park.
Constracting spinning airplane apparatus for the first time in Iran located in Mashhad ; K oohestan Park.
Constracting waterslide apparatus located in Ahvaz and Rasht .
Constracting flying helicopter located in Bafgh and Mashhad.
Constracting flying exitment tower located in Koohestan Park.

Designing and manufacturing rail, protractor and chain transferring systems.

Designing and manufacturing industrial lifts with various capacities.

Designing and performing complex metallic high-attention agents.

Constructing frame of melting glasses and china furnaces.

Industrial automation and monitoring .


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